iTunes v11.1 Custom IPSW Restore Error-11 Fix

A few days ago I was trying to restore an iPhone 4 using a Custom IPSW and I was presented with a nice iTunes Error 11 like the one posted above. I had a feeling that this was something to do with iTunes v11.1. So I downgraded back to iTunes v11.0.5.5 and all was well. However since a couple weeks have passed since I'd installed iTunes v11.1 I didn't want to completely redo my library nor did I want to waste time reverting to a previous iTunes Library file since it wouldn't be current anyways.

After doing some research I found this on the iH8sn0w blog...

I know most people like myself have already updated to iTunes 11.1.x.x and would rather not be burdened with having to downgrade and have to redo their entire library. Well never fear, I is here

I've created a "FIX" for the issue which will replace the problematic files with files from iTunes v11.0.5.5 and will allow you to restore Custom IPSW's to your device using iTunes 11.1.x.x without getting Error 11 messages.

This fix was tested on iTunes v11.1.1.11 but will more than likely work with any newer versions of iTunes until of course Crapple changes something else. If you install this fix and it doesn't work for you then you can simply uninstall the fix and it will revert iTunes back to it's original state. So there is no harm in testing it with newer versions of iTunes.

This fix only needs to be applied to iTunes version greater than v11.1.0.0. The last good version of iTunes that doesn't have the "Error-11" issue is v11.0.5.5. You can either downgrade to iTunes v11.0.5.5 or simply apply this fix to your iTunes v11.1.x.x or higher to resolve the issue.

This fix works with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of iTunes.

Simply download and extract the ZIP file in the link below and run the included EXE file. It's very straight forward and more info is included once you launch the FIX.

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Version: 1.3
MD5: ebe0b47500d719b19c9169b6259db6e6
- Added a check for Administrator Priviliges
- Fix for iTunesHelper.exe not restarting on 64-bit OS's
- Fix for iTunesHelper.exe not restarting on 32-bit OS's
- Initial Release